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December 28, 2022

By Hiranjith GH, VP & Head of Research Services, MedGenome Inc.

2022 was an eventful year,

Our journey in 2022 was focused on providing the utmost customer experience for the services and solutions that we delivered to you. Along with expanding our portfolio of services and solutions – the tissue dissociation and nuclei isolation services to support our single cell customers, streamlined antibody discovery using high-throughput single B cell receptor sequencing, TSO500 targeted panels for oncology research, single cell and bulk epigenetics assays. We improved our turn-around times on bulk transcriptomics, whole exome and whole genome projects by incorporating automation at multiple project stages and installing new sequencing capacity in 2022. Our sequencing team has delivered high-quality data consistently for a variety of library types throughout the year.

We also rolled out a series of advanced and interactive analyses reports for each of our assays through our unique ManGo platform with novel data representations. This scale up on our bioinformatics capabilities is in line with our objective to support biologists and researchers to maximize the utility from genomic data.

We partnered with our customers to discuss the data and the subsequent analyses after each project is delivered to ensure that the results meet the researcher needs.

We built streamlined systems and communication processes for sample and data management with our customers, which allowed us to build transparency and a trusted relationship.

The MedGenome Research Team
The MedGenome Research Team

In 2023,

We expect to continue to offer high quality support to your projects in 2023. We will be spending lab resources to optimize spatial transcriptomics and Hi-C assays in-house in 2023 to expand our services portfolio. With supporting bioinformatics analyses and tools to provide end-to-end service to our customers.

We will engage with customers on antibody discovery solutions and protein expression services given the highly experienced R&D talent that we have at MedGenome.

With growing sample volumes, we are committed to investing in our sequencing capacity even further in 2023 – to help us maintain the turn-around times (TAT) for the projects. We will discontinue our HiSeq X service by the end of this year.

We are also a preferred partner to customers who are looking to access South Asian genomic datasets in specific diseases areas (rare diseases, oncology, neuro-degenerative disorders, blood disorders, metabolic diseases) for discovery or genetic modifier studies. With a vast network of hospital collaborations in India, MedGenome is able to accelerate these studies with high impact.

Research Image 2022

Pandemic has tested our systems, processes and quality of team members beyond doubt. It has shown the importance of value added engagements with our customers that MedGenome strives for. Going into 2023, MedGenome is looking forward to continuing those relationships to advance genomics research by our customers.


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