Large Scale Genomics Data Network

Ophthalmology Clinical Knowledgebase

A comprehensive knowledgebase of clinical, phenotype and biochemical data with a user friendly search interface to aid researchers and clinicians design studies for ocular diseases. The searchable interface allows end users to build complex queries to select disease cohorts based on organs affected, disease type and subtype, age of disease onset, drug response and many other clinical and phenotypic parameters. To learn more about the data and query capabilities read out white paper.

Key features of the product

  • Over 550,000 cases with ophthalmic, clinical, biochemical, diagnostic imaging and therapeutic intervention data
  • Over 524 ophthalmic disease types and about 1800 disease sub-types of 31 different eye parts
  • 40+ clinical variables and ~372,000 images
  • Longitudinal view of individuals’ clinical profiles

Figure 1: Overview of the number of patient datasets available for various diseases of different parts of the eye.

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