MedGenome Customer Portal allows for seamless project experience for our Customers

By Mohana (Senior Project Manager), Angelica (Executive Account Manager) and Hiranjith GH (Senior Director, Corporate Marketing & Business Operations ), MedGenome Inc., USA

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact with our customers. The interactions of the commercial team with the customers and prospects are pushed to be more virtual. And with the pandemic, we are all discussing about the ‘new normal’ where a behavioral change in these interactions are expected to sustain and become a habit.

During these times of virtual interaction, one aspect that we at MedGenome have focused on is developing a platform to manage project logistics and project delivery. The intent was to offer a platform for our customers to register project samples with us, to streamline the shipment logistics, to easily accept data/analyses delivery and to access all projects with MedGenome in a single dashboard. This is at the core of our business – Improve customer experience

MedGenome’s Customer Portal will allow for

1. Project & Sample registration

Customers can register samples for a confirmed project through the portal. Following a simplified process, the client can access the sample order form and generate a shipping document to accompany the samples in their shipment. Each sample is assigned a unique identifier to allow for seamless sample tracking.

2. Sample Accessioning at MedGenome lab in Foster City, CA

The shipment, once arrived in our lab, will be accessioned by leveraging the label accompanying the shipment. Sample names are crossed referenced from shipping documents against tube labels to ensure accurate alignment.

3. Project Execution & Tracking

Our scientists execute the project as per the statement of work to generate data and perform analyses, all accessible through the customer portal. The portal provides increased visibility and access to QC reports and project status.

4. Customer access to data & analyses

Customer can access and download the data and analyses for the corresponding project through the portal. The portal allows the customer to access all historic projects that they have executed with MedGenome in a single view. The new interactive analysis feature allows clients to visualize and interact with their data and download publication ready figures.

In all of these, customer communication is maintained through the system.

Figure 1. Customer Portal Workflow Diagram

The platform allows to support MedGenome growth as a nationwide preferred service provider offering end to end services for extraction, library prep, sequencing and analysis specializing in bulk RNA sequencing (low input and degraded), single cell (GEX, TCR, BCR, CITE) sequencing, immune profiling (TCR, BCR) and genome (WGS, WES, DeNovo, CUT&TAG) sequencing services. By doing so, we are able to provide a seamless experience to our customers.

One of the early adopters of our portal, a Staff Scientist at a large Academic lab in the US, states the benefit as below

“MedGenome’s Portal, a place where sequencing projects can be uploaded and sequence files downloaded, works the way we would like. It is nice to have all projects that are easily accessible from one location”

Our endeavor is to continue to innovate and provide the best-in-class experience, services and solutions to our customers. Looking forward to continued engagement with our customers in 2020.


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