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Antibody Discovery

Antibody discovery is an important component for early-stage research studies, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Hybridoma technology has been the forefront tool in generating monoclonal antibodies but is time consuming and costly. MedGenome’s proprietary HitMab platform now enables researchers to identify antigen-specific antibodies in less than 6 months’ time.

Discover HitMab

Streamlined High-Throughput Monoclonal AntiBody discovery service

  • Recombinant antibodies generated from antigen-specific B cells
  • Paired information of heavy and light chain antibodies for greater specificity
  • Generate antibodies for low or poorly immunogenic proteins
  • Reduced timelines for lead discovery using high throughput single-cell BCR sequencing

Advantages of HitMab over Hybridoma Technology

HitMab Technology Hybridoma Technology
Validated Recombinant Antibodies delivered
Generate antibodies for low or poorly immunogenic proteins
Results in less than 6 months

Advance your research with our accelerated timelines

Reduce your wait time from 8-10 months with traditional Hybridoma technology to 4-6 month using HitMab service.

4-6 months
Validated recombinant Antibodies delivered

Ordering and Antibodies Delivery

  • Deliverables include a complete report outlining antibody sequencing and bioinformatics process with ELISA validation data.
  • Up to 5 purified, ELISA-validated antibodies will be delivered for each antigen of interest. Additional antibodies can be synthesized on request.

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MedGenome Inc.’s Monoclonal Antibody Discovery Services

Antibody discovery is important for early stage research studies, diagnostics and therapeutics. Hybridoma technology has been the mainstay to generate monoclonal antibodies. MedGenome has streamlined antibody discovery using high-throughput single B cell receptor sequencing and a recently licensed proprietary platform, HiTMab* (High-throughput monoclonal antibody discovery).

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