Spatial transcriptomics services

Mapping Disease Terrain: Propel your research with MedGenome's spatial transcriptomics solutions

Discover the intricacies of biological systems with our advanced spatial transcriptomics solutions. Powered by 10x Visium technology, our platform offers a powerful tool to map gene expression patterns across tissue sections, facilitating the study of gene function, tissue microenvironments, and more. The technology is useful to study distinct cell populations and associated spatial gene expression patterns in a variety of applications including developmental biology, oncology research, neurology and immunology studies.

Regenerative medicine
Characterize tissue architecture to guide tissue engineering approaches.
Unveil tumor heterogeneity and explore tumor microenvironments to guide the development of targeted therapies.
Developmental biology
Visualize patterns during embryonic development to study tissue patterning and organogenesis.
Explore brain gene expression mapping to identify cell types and neuronal circuits.

Our platform accommodates a diverse array of sample types, from paraffin-embedded archival samples to fresh frozen specimens and fixed-frozen tissues, ensuring versatility and accessibility for your research pursuits.

MedGenome's versatile tissue handling expertise and services

  • Tissue fixation and paraffin/OCT embedding services
  • H&E staining and immunofluorescence staining services
  • Advanced imaging for better visualization
  • Library preparation and Illumina sequencing
  • Library preparation and Illumina sequencing
  • Comprehensive bioinformatics support

Spatial transcriptomics workflow at MedGenome

Spatial transcriptomics workflow at MedGenome


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