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As your research partner, we offer vast experience building prospective disease cohorts for gene discovery programs.


peer-reviewed publications


samples sequenced from over 400,000 patients


WES, targeted panels & WGS




single-cells sequenced

>10 Petabytes

of genomics data & 10M unique variants identified


genetic tests (RUO)

US based

Sequencing lab in California

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Our state-of-the art sequencing facility in California is committed to delivering the highest quality NGS data with industry leading turnaround times by leveraging our optimized workflows and protocols. We offer comprehensive bioinformatics solutions to transform data into insights.

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Transcriptomics services
Transcriptomics services
Spatial transcriptomics services
Spatial transcriptomics services
WGS/WES services
WGS/WES services
Single cell services
Single cell services
Immune profiling services
Immune profiling services
Epigenomics solutions
Epigenomics solutions

Bioinformatics solutions

From data to insights


Multiomic solutions for discovery research

Expert multi-disciplinary team of biologists, geneticists, bioinformaticians, and project managers with a proven track record.

  • Antibody discovery
  • De novo gene assembly and annotation
  • Rare disease research
  • Gene panels
  • Target and biomarker discovery
Genomics Scientist

We support your research accross applications

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Your committed expert partner

We help you accelerate discovery and bring drugs to market faster.

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Unparalleled breadth of expertise & innovation
Unparalleled breadth of expertise & innovation
  • Continuous innovation to optimize the latest genomic assays.
  • Routine & niche high-quality multiomics solutions.
  • Deep bioinformatics: AI/ML-based tools to transform data into insights.
Highly efficient (fast and cost-effective) workflows
Highly efficient (fast and cost-effective) workflows
  • Reliable and fast results.
  • Highly automated and cost-efficient.
  • Streamlined customer engagement through customer portal.
Genomics Partner
The most extensive and diverse genomic dataset
  • 600,000+ sequenced samples from over 400,000 patients.
  • We partner with 500+ hospitals and 5,500+ clinicians worldwide to run thousands of genomic tests per year.
Flexible, consultative customer services
Flexible, consultative customer services
  • PhD level staff scientists for expert consultation.
  • Dedicated Single point of contact with deep technical and scientific expertise.


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