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MedGenome has a state-of-the-art sequencing facility with several sequencing machines including NovaSeq, MiSeq and 10X Chromium Controller and is committed to delivering the highest-quality NGS data with quick turnaround times using highly optimized protocols. Our team of scientists are dedicated to helping you find the right NGS solution for your research needs.

MedGenome Sponsored Scientific Sessions

MedGenome scientists and the iReceptor Gateway team provide an overview of TCR data generation, analysis and how to leverage the iReceptor Gateway to annotate and interpret these data.
Aditya Pai and Dr. Kushal Suryamohan provide a detailed talk on MedGenome's advanced analysis methods for bulk and single cell transcriptomics data, and their application in understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease.
Dr. Kushal Suryamohan provides an overview of our framework for scalable and reproducible analysis and visualization of a broad range of genomics data types including whole genome sequencing, transcriptomics, single cell genomics, immune profiling and genome assembly and annotation.

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With expertise in sample & library preparation for various assays including whole exome, whole genome, transcriptome, single cell gene expression, TCR, CITE-seq, ATAC and CUT&TAG, MedGenome is able to partner with clients on biomarker identification and target discovery projects. Our advanced genomic data analysis capabilities and insights into South-Asian specific variants make us a preferred partner for bio-pharma clients.

We partner with clients in US, Central & South America, Canada and Europe.

Our genomics team is also able to partner with manufacturers to incorporate genetic insights into their assay development.

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