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Cancer Vaccine Research:
Unique Immuno-Oncology Research Solutions to Discover and
Validate Biomarkers in Predicting Cancer Vaccine Candidates.

cancer vaccine research

Tumor Microenvironment Analysis: OncoPeptTUME

High-Throughput NGS Pipeline

Insights Beyond IHC / FACS

No Human Analysis Bias

Analyze Immune, Stromal & Epithelial Cells

Less Tissue Material Required

Neo-Epitope Prioritization Analysis: OncoPeptVAC

Identify, Predict and Prioritize Vaccine Candidates

Compatible With Any Tumor Model

Combines Proprietary TCR Binding Prediction with HLA

Binding for Better Accuracy

2 Week Turnaround Time


MedGenome’s OncoPeptTUME and OncoPeptVAC provides immune phenotyping and analysis of potential biomarkers to determine potential success of checkpoint inhibitors. In order to predict response to treatment, over 4,000 expression data sets are validated using over 1,500 pure cell type expression data sets. This information is then combined with active inflammatory pathways.


Request two brochures:
1. Cancer Vaccine Research: Neoepitope Prioritization Analysis
2. Cancer Research: Tumor Microenvironment Analysis

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