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MedGenome Inc. is a global leader in personalized medicine with unique genomic solutions in immuno-oncology, diabetes, ophthalmology, cardiology and other rare diseases.

Founded in 2013, MedGenome currently has a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) facility that houses sequencing platforms such as Illumina’s NovaSeq, HiSeq X, HiSeq 2500, and the MiSeq, In addition to our wet-lab capabilities, we have built proprietary solutions to enable pharma and biotech companies accelerate their early drug discovery pipeline as well as aid in biomarker discovery for their companion diagnostics programs. Our proprietary cancer immunotherapy solution, OncoPept combines tumor-derived genomic and transcriptomic data to map the molecular features of the tumor and predict personalized cancer immunotherapy combinations with neoantigen vaccines for therapy. MedGenome was awarded the MedTech Breakthrough award for Biomedical research in 2018.

We also support human genetics research by leveraging our extensive infrastructure to access samples and data from patient records through collaborations with over 500 hospitals in India, combined with capabilities to perform population level genomic sequencing of individuals. Through our extensive presence in the Indian sub-continent, we have access to data that provides insights into genetic diversity of Indian population for more than 4,500 population groups. Bioinformatics pipelines built to analyze data from large-scale sequencing efforts will facilitate identifying novel human genetic knockouts and medically relevant variants for drug discovery research.

MedGenome is also founding member of the GenomeAsia 100K, an initiative to sequence 100,000 Genomes in Asia, which will enable us to provide a unique resource of genetic research for the world.

MedGenome Inc. is registered and headquartered in the State of Delaware having its address at 108 West 13th Street City of Wilmington County of New Castle Delaware 19801.

Sam Santhosh
Sam Santhosh
Founder Chairman and Global CEO
Sam Santhosh
Mahesh Pratapneni


Amitabha Chaudhuri
Dr. Amitabha Chaudhuri
Vice President, R & D
Hiranjith G H
Hiranjith G H
Vice President & Head of Research Services


V L Ramprasad
Dr. V L Ramprasad
Chief Executive Officer
Surajit Chakrabartty
Surajit Chakrabartty
Chief Financial Officer


Sam Santhosh founded MedGenome in 2013 as a spin off from SciGenom, which he had founded in 2009. He is a science savvy entrepreneur with close to three decades of experience in launching and running successful businesses. Passionate about science & technology, Sam firmly believes that as technology was the key driver for growth in the latter half of the 20th century, so would be genomics in the 21st century. Through MedGenome, he has transformed the medical genomics and diagnostics space in India and showed path for others to emulate. At MedGenome, he provides strategic direction, oversees business development plans and helps raise capital for future growth. He is also an investor and mentor for many other companies. Currently, he is an Advisor/Board member at Impelsys Inc, New York, ePay Healthcare, San Francisco, SciGenom Labs, Cochin, AgriGenome, Hyderabad, Emerge Ventures, Singapore and the Centre for Commercialization of Antibodies (CCAB) Toronto, Canada. Previously, he was the Founder, CEO and Managing Director of California Software Limited (Calsoft). Sam holds a degree in Engineering from University of Calicut and an MBA from IIM Calcutta. He has attended Executive education programs at MIT and Singularity University.



Mahesh Pratapneni co-founder and Board Member of MedGenome. He has led strategy, partnerships and corporate development including fundraising for the company. Mahesh is Founder and MD of Emerge Ventures that specializes in incubating product companies in the education, healthcare, and data/analytics sectors. He is known for building outstanding global teams and comes with broad experience in product visualization, development, management and building global delivery models. He holds a B.Tech. degree in Electronics and Communications from IIT Madras and an MBA from IIM Calcutta. Mahesh is one of the youngest to be recognized as IIM Calcutta Distinguished Alumnus.



Dr Felix Olale is a Partner at LeapFrog and the firm’s Global Co-Leader for Health Investments. He is also an entrepreneur and physician-scientist, renowned for his work building businesses and investing in healthcare in emerging markets. Prior to LeapFrog, Dr Olale was Chairman of the Excelsior Group, a US-Africa based advisor and investor in health and technology companies. Dr Olale was also Senior Advisor to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for their Health in Africa Initiative. In addition, Dr Olale was co-founder of the Institute for Healthcare Management at Strathmore Business School, and a founding member of Safaricom’s Health Advisory Board. Dr Olale began his career as a physician-scientist at Skirball Institute of Bio-molecular Medicine in New York, where he cloned two genes involved in organ asymmetry and regeneration. He then worked in venture capital with New York University’s Office of Industrial Liaison and Technology Transfer. Later, he was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company in New York, where he was a leader in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Products and Global Health practices. Dr Olale holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was a University Scholar. He received his Medical Degree and Doctorate from New York University’s School of Medicine. Dr Olale serves as a Board Trustee and Chairman of the Governance Committee for PATH, the leading global health innovator and is a Member of EMPEA’s Africa Council.



Neeraj is a successful entrepreneur with a decade of experience in the investment industry. He is the founder, CEO and Senior Managing Director of Zodius Capital Advisors and is an investor-operator and board member at companies like BigBasket, Allygrow and Markets & Markets. Neeraj is also the CEO and Chairman of Rainshine Entertainment, a next-generation media and entertainment company. Prior to joining Zodius, he had co-founded and led multiple companies including WNS Global Services and eVentures India.

Earlier in his career, Neeraj was a partner at McKinsey & Company, where he worked at New York, London and Mumbai offices and led practices and client relationships in the technology sector. Neeraj, an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, India has a BA in Economics.



As a Principal, Tejeshwi Sharma advises on growth stage technology investments for Sequoia in India. He currently serves on the boards of Moglix, MedGenome, Rebel Foods and Whatfix. In the past, Tejeshwi has managed Tencent’s India investments, where he led investment in Byju’s and Dream11. Tejeshwi graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and holds an MBA from Stanford GSB.


Dr. Stephan C Schuster is currently the Research Director and Professor at the Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore. Dr .Schuster has over 15 years of experience setting up and operating centralized sequencing core labs at Max Plank Institute in Germany and Penn State in the US. He won the Science magazine’s break through of the year award in 2006 (runner up) and 2008 (Top 10). He was also awarded the Time Magazine’s top ten Scientific discoveries in 2008 and along with W. Miller was among Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people of 2009. His research interests include Metagenomics, Evolutionary Biology and ancient DNA.


Dr. I. C. Verma is currently the head of the Department of Genetic Medicine at Sri Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Previously he was a Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics in AIIMS, New Delhi. He received genetics training in the UK, USA & Switzerland. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He has received a number of national awards – Ranbaxy Science Award, ICMR, NAMS and BC Roy Medical Council award. He is a Member and Vice-chairman of the Ethics Committee of the International Human Genome Organization (HUGO) and serves as a genetics adviser for the WHO in Geneva, and to Roche Genetics in Basel. He has vast experience in genetic counseling, serving about 2000 cases with genetic problems every year, and bringing the benefits of genetics and genomics to large number of patients.


Dr. C. N. Ramchand serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Saksin Lifesciences Pvt Ltd. and MagGenome Technologies Pvt Ltd. Dr.Ramchand has 30 years of industrial and academic experience in the field of drug discovery, nanotechnology and nutraceuticals. He has held key leadership positions such as India Director at Kemin Industries, India and Vice President & Head of New Drug Discovery (biological) Research Programme at Sun Pharma Advances Research Centre (SPARC) India. He has also held the position of Joint Co-ordinator and Head, Laboratory Research Program at Biomedical Sciences, University of Sheffield and Northern General Hospital Sheffield, UK, a prestigious University Position. Prior to this he was the Sr. Scientist and Project Head at the Institute of Biological Psychiatry at University of Wales, Bangor, UK. Dr. Ramchand has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers in international journals, edited 5 books, has over 40 patents.

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MedGenome Institutional Ethics Committee (MG-IEC)


MedGenome Institutional Ethics Committee (MG-IEC) is an independent body constituted under the authority of the chairman with the primary goal of safeguarding the rights and wellbeing of research participants. The chairperson of MG-IEC is appointed from a different institution and the appointment of IEC members is solely based on their competence, experience and integrity.


The MG-IEC will review all types of research proposals involving human participants with a view to safeguard the dignity, rights, safety and wellbeing of all actual and potential research participants before approving the research proposals. The goals of research, however important, should never be permitted to override the health and wellbeing of the research subjects.

The MG-IEC will ascertain whether all the cardinal principles of research ethics viz., Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Respect for Free and Informed Consent, Respect for Human Dignity, Respect for Vulnerable Persons, Respect for Privacy and Confidentiality and Justice are taken care of in planning, conducting and reporting of the proposed research. For this purpose, it will look into the aspects of protocol review, selection of participants, voluntary participation of potential participants, informed consent process, risk benefit ratio, distribution of burden and benefit, maintenance of privacy and confidentiality and provisions for appropriate compensations. It will review the proposals before the commencement of the study as well as review periodically until the completion of the study through appropriate well-documented procedures.

ChairpersonDr. Vijayalakshmi M
Member SecretaryPadmavathy R
ClinicianDr. Durgapoorna
ScientistDr. Lakshmi Mahadevan
Basic Medical ScientistDr. Kumaramanickavel G
ScientistDr. Ramchand CN
Legal Expert/LawyerSrijith PR
PhilosopherDr. Rajamohan EK
Basic Medical ScientistDr. Álex Baby Paul
Lay PersonBabu AG
Social Scientist / Social WorkerVinita Vijayakumar

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