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MedGenome announces de novo Genome Assembly and Annotation Grant winners for 2024 - 02ndMay2024

MedGenome, a leading genomics-driven research and diagnostics company, in partnership with PacBio is pleased to announce Dr. Lauren Esposito, California Academy of Sciences, as the winner of “2024 de novo genome assembly and annotation grant”.

MedGenome Inc., honored with the Best of Foster City Award six times in a row, earns a spot in the 2024 Foster City Business Hall of Fame. - 05thApril2024

MedGenome, Inc has been selected for the 2024 Best of Foster City Award in the Corporate Headquarters category by the Foster City Award Program.

MedGenome appoints Martin Dewhurst as Chairman of Advisory Board - 28thNovember2023

MedGenome, a global precision medicine company specializing in omics solutions today announced the appointment of Martin Dewhurst, a McKinsey veteran for over 30 years as the Chairman of its Advisory Board. Martin’s wealth of expertise and extensive experience in the life sciences space will play a key role in guiding and advancing MedGenome’s mission of leveraging omics to address the worldwide unmet healthcare need.

MedGenome, in collaboration with PacBio, announces a de novo genome assembly and annotation grant to empower non-model organism research - 21stNovember2023

MedGenome, a global partner for comprehensive multiomics solutions, is pleased to announce a grant for De Novo Genome Assembly and Annotation, in collaboration with PacBio, a pioneer in long-read sequencing.

The winner will be selected by a panel of experts from MedGenome and PacBio. The grant awardee will receive end-to-end support to sequence, assemble, and annotate a high-quality reference genome for their organism of choice as well as an opportunity to present their research at future MedGenome and/or PacBio events. As part of the program, MedGenome will work closely with the winner to support publication of the genome.

MedGenome achieves 10x Genomics Certified Service provider qualification for single cell sequencing - 07thNovember2023

MedGenome, a global precision medicine company specializing in omics solutions, announced today that it has achieved the 10x Genomics Certified Service Provider qualification for its single cell offering.

This certification further illustrates MedGenome’s commitment to delivering fast, high-quality insights at single cell level to help solve the most challenging research problems. Combining MedGenome’s expertise in single cell data analysis promises to deliver groundbreaking insights into complex and rare diseases.

MedGenome, Inc. Receives 2023 Best of Foster City Award - 31stAugust2023

MedGenome Inc. has been selected for the 2023 Best of Foster City Award in the Biotechnology company category by the Foster City Award Program.

Each year, the Foster City Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Foster City area a great place to live, work and play

MedGenome to Exhibit Proprietary Sequencing and Informatics Solutions at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting - 10thApril2023

MedGenome will be at Booth #2074 to exhibit its advanced single cell sequencing and immune repertoire profiling solutions. MedGenome’s advanced analyses pipeline provides researchers with a comprehensive report which includes publication ready tables, plots and detailed metrics to visualize and interpret the results. MedGenome will also exhibit its end-to-end sequencing and informatics solutions to analyze T-cell receptor (TCR) and B-cell receptor (BCR) repertoires for antibody and diagnostics marker discovery projects.

MedGenome, Inc. Receives 2022 Best of Foster City Award - 21stJanuary2022

MedGenome, Inc has been selected for the 2022 Best of Foster City Award in the Corporate Headquarters category by the Foster City Award Program.

Each year, the Foster City Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Foster City area a great place to live, work and play.

MedGenome ties-up with Emmes to bridge gaps in rare diseases - 15thNovember2021

MedGenome and Emmes are proud to launch a strategic partnership to focus on advancing Rare Disease research.

Patients and families with rare diseases are one of the most underserved communities in medicine today. India and South Asia have the world’s largest population of people affected by rare and inherited disease.

The MedGenome – Emmes partnership will combine patients’ genomic, phenotypic and epidemiological data into custom rare disease registries.

This help bring faster and more innovative treatments to patients around the world who are suffering from rare diseases.

IFC invests USD 16.5 mn in MedGenome to increase COVID-19 testing in India - 15thJuly2021

International Finance Corporation, member of the World Bank Group, is investing USD 16.5 million (around Rs 123 crore) in genetic diagnostics and research company MedGenome to increase access to COVID-19 testing in India.

Gallbladder cancer vaccine candidates identified - 24thAugust2020

In a paper published in Nature Communications, scientists from MedGenome India/USA, along with an international team of scientists from institutions in India, USA, South Korea, Chile and Australia reported sequencing and analysis of over 150 gallbladder cancer (GBC) samples.

MedGenome, the Leading South Asian Genetic Diagnostics, Research and Data Company Announces USD 55m Investment Led by LeapFrog - 01stApril2020

MedGenome, the leading genetic diagnostics, research and data company focused on expanding access for populations in South Asia and other emerging markets today announced an investment of USD 55m led by LeapFrog Investments, a leading specialist investor in emerging markets. Existing investors Sofina and Sequoia also participated in the round.

MedGenome, Thermo Fisher Array for South Asians to Support Consumer, MDx Test Development - 03rdDecember2019

MedGenome has partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific to genotype hundreds of thousands of South Asian cohorts using a custom genotyping array. The personalized medicine company hopes to use the new array to inform new consumer and clinical tests, while also making it available to others for research.

Pilot GenomeAsia 100K Project Highlights Insights Gleaned From Diverse Dataset - 05thDecember2019

Researchers from the GenomeAsia 100K Project have begun to develop a reference dataset of genomes from individuals living in Asia, with the goal of boosting the representation of Asians in genomic research.

MedGenome South Asian Research Genotyping Array (SARGAM) - 03rdDecember2019

MedGenome has introduced the South Asian Research Genotyping Array, which leverages MedGenome’s proprietary database of 2.5 million variants unique to the South Asian population and not available in any publicly available genetic database.

MedGenome Selects Applied Biosystems Axiom Genotyping Platform to Enable Large-scale Genetic Studies in South Asian Populations - 18thNovember2019

MedGenome, a global leader in personalized medicine, announced the development of a proprietary genotyping array to efficiently enable large-scale genetic studies focused on South Asian populations. The South Asian Research Genotyping Array by MedGenome (“SARGAM”) will be optimized for capturing the unique variants found in South Asian genomes, leveraging MedGenome’s proprietary database of 2.5 million variants that are unique to the South Asian population, and not available in any publicly available genetic database.

MedGenome, Inc. Receives 2019 Best of Foster City Award - 02ndOctober2019

MedGenome, Inc. has been selected for the 2019 Best of Foster City Award in the Corporate Headquarters category by the Foster City Award Program.

Each year, the Foster City Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Foster City area a great place to live, work and play.

Dr. Andrew Peterson Joins MedGenome as Chief Scientific Officer - 25thSeptember2019

MedGenome, a genomics-driven research and diagnostics company, today announced the appointment of Dr. Andrew Peterson as its Chief Scientific Officer.

Dr. Peterson will lead the company’s research programs to identify drug targets and biomarkers by leveraging its unparalleled access to south Asian cohorts and disease phenotypes. Its large network of collaborations with hospitals across India has enabled MedGenome to create a research platform to tap into thousands of patient records with oncology, auto-immune, metabolic and rare disease diagnoses. The platform capabilities are amplified by MedGenome’s high-throughput genomics sequencing and data analysis/interpretation capabilities. Dr. Peterson will also be instrumental in strengthening the organization’s capabilities and capacities to perform and execute large scale genomics research projects.

Prior to joining MedGenome, Dr. Peterson was Senior Director of Molecular Biology at Genentech, primarily focused on genomics applications for therapeutic interventions in areas such as cardiovascular diseases and liver diseases, resulting in molecules in clinical development.

Study identifies a targetable lung cancer mutation - 29thOctober2018

Scientists from MedGenome, Bangalore, India in collaboration with oncologists from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India and scientists at Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, South San Francisco, Calif., USA, report in Cancer Cell the identification of a treatable mutation linked to lung cancer. A mutation in HER2, a gene normally amplified in breast cancer, was found mutated in a familial lung cancer patient. Based on the mutation profile the patient was treated with an approved HER2 inhibitor that normally is used for treating breast cancer. The study also reports several additional actionable activating HER2 mutations in multiple cancers in the same region of HER2 as observed in the lung cancer patient.

MedGenome’s study suggests a personalized cancer vaccine approach to treat Lynch Syndrome - 21stAugust2018

The published study examines the feasibility of treating Lynch syndrome using a personalized cancer vaccine approach by identifying potential immunogenic tumor specific alterations.

Lynch syndrome is a hereditary cancer arising from loss of function mutations in DNA mismatch repair genes, such as MLH1, MSH2, MSH3, MSH6, PMS2, and EPCAM. “Over 1 million Americans are affected by Lynch syndrome according to the Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel, wherein only 5% are aware of this” said Prof Henry T. Lynch whose groundbreaking research in 1960s led to the discovery of cancer family syndrome or hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC) also referred to as Lynch syndrome.

MedGenome’s OncoPept™ Named ‘Best Overall Genomics Solution’ in 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards - 06thJune2018

MedGenome’s OncoPept™ platform of advanced genomics-based solutions designed to accelerate cancer immune-oncology research, was named the winner of the 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards for ‘Best Overall Genomics Solution.’

MedGenome raises additional $10 mn in Series C from HDFC - 05thMarch2018

Leading genetics diagnostics firm MedGenome Labs Ltd said it has completed its Series C round of $40 million after getting an additional $10 million from private lender HDFC Ltd, insurer HDFC Life and HDFC Asset Management.

Last August, it had raised $30 million in Series C from Sequoia India and Sofina s.a., with participation by Zodius Capital; Kris Gopalakrishnan, co-founder and former CEO of Infosys; and Lakshmi Narayanan, former CEO of Cognizant.

Interview with Sam Santhosh, Founder, Chairman and Global CEO at MedGenome - 28thFebruary2018

USA Weekly has been interviewing companies from around the world to discover what challenges they are facing in their businesses. We also asked each company to share business advice they would give to a younger version of themselves.

Below is our interview with Sam Santhosh, Founder, Chairman and Global CEO at MedGenome:

What does your company do?

MedGenome is a genomics research and diagnostics company with a mission to improve global health by decoding the genetic information contained in an individual’s genome. Its unique access to Indian genomics data with clinical and phenotypic details provides insights into the biology of complex diseases to facilitate research leading to personalized health care. MedGenome is the market leader for genomic diagnostics in South Asia and a leading provider of genomics research services globally. MedGenome is also a founding member of GenomeAsia 100K initiative to sequence 100,000 Genomes in South, North and East Asia.

MedGenome Presents its Cancer Vaccine Approach for Lynch Syndrome Patients - 24thFebruary2018

MedGenome presented a poster on its study of potential cancer vaccines for Lynch Syndrome patients

Attendees at the 2018 Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference heard MedGenome, a global leader in genomics research and a partner to pharma/biotech companies and academic research institutions conducting complex disease biomarker-identification projects, describe its study of potential cancer vaccines for patients with Lynch syndrome. Lynch syndrome is an inherited condition linked to higher risk of various forms of cancer, including a 70 percent to 80 percent lifetime risk of developing colorectal cancer, with a mean onset age of 45 years.

Dr. Papia Chakraborty, senior scientist and head of immuno-oncology at MedGenome, spoke on “A Personalized Cancer Vaccine Approach to Treat Lynch Syndrome.”

MedGenome Begins to Ramp Up Single-Cell, Immuno-Oncology Research - 23rdFebruary2018

Genomic diagnostics and research firm MedGenome plans to ramp up its research in the single-cell and immuno-oncology spaces while continuing to make inroads in the clinical genomic testing market in India.

The company has next-generation sequencing laboratories in Bangalore, India; Foster City, California; and Singapore. MedGenome CEO Sam Santhosh said that the Bangalore lab is primarily a diagnostics lab, while its large research projects are run mainly from its Foster City laboratory.

Last year, the firm raised $30 million in a Series C financing round, which it has used in part to expand its Foster City lab and purchase new technology, most notably 10x Genomics’ Chromium system and Illumina’s NovaSeq instrument.

Santhosh said that the company plans to focus upcoming research in the immuno-oncology space, including using single-cell sequencing techniques to analyze the tumor microenvironment.

MedGenome Expands Its NGS Capabilities and Forays Into Single-Cell Sequencing - 31stJanuary2018

MedGenome has expanded its sequencing capacity at its Foster City, Calif., headquarters laboratory, adding HiSeqX and NovaSeq 6000 platforms to meet the rising demands for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in research and clinical settings. The new additions increase MedGenome’s data-generation capability by a factor of five. Additionally, availability of a wide range of sequencing platforms gives MedGenome the flexibility to provide customized services at scale – thousands of whole genomes a month — and deliver high-quality data quickly at a competitive price. The NGS lab has also added sample-processing automation from Agilent to support the sequencing capacity.

“Adding the new platforms in our California lab gives us the throughput and scale to take on large genomic projects that are rapidly transforming the clinical trial landscape by enabling precision medicine and personalized therapy particularly in immuno-oncology, neurological disorders and rare diseases,” said Sam Santhosh, founder, chairman and global CEO of MedGenome. “Our ability to deliver high-quality data for large-scale genomics projects in a timely manner helps our clients to accelerate their preclinical and clinical research programs.”

Ten ways multiple myeloma treatment is changing - 09thNovember2017

As steady improvements continue in the treatment of multiple myeloma, it’s important for managed care executives to get out in front of the changes on the horizon.

“Several exciting new drugs are in the market or on the verge,” says Jeffrey Scott, MD, an oncologist and chief medical officer of Integra Connect. “This means that more patients are living longer and better, and treatment increasingly resembles chronic care.”

MedGenome featured in Front Line Genomics Magazine ASHG 2017 issue – Article: Asia Gains Ground - 18thOctober2017

2,000. That’s the number of genomes, Genome Asia 100K have successfully sequenced. The non-profit organisation is collaborating to sequence a total of 100,000 Asian individuals’ genomes, in a bid to help accelerate population specific medical advances and precision medicine.

Why? Well, according to the projects Scientific Chairman, Professor Stephan Schuster, “The more we undertake research of Asia; we discover that it is genetically way more diverse than expected. We want to contribute to this effort to determine which variants are genetic variants in the population.”

Authored article by Dr Amit Chaudhuri on `Rational use of biomarkers in oncology clinical trials A paradigm shift towards precision medicine; - 31stMay2017

Biomarkers are biological indicators of early disease detection (diagnostic), disease progression and outcome (prognostic), and response to therapy (predictive).

Michael A. Nemzek appointed as MedGenome Chief Commercial Officer - 09thJanuary2017

Mr. Nemzek has held executive senior leadership team positions in both public companies and a number of private companies that have become successful public companies by merger and acquisition.

MedGenome to present its tumor microenvironment analysis results at the AACR Cancer Immunotherapy Conference in New York - 21stJuly2016

The remarkable success of checkpoint control inhibitors in treating a variety of different cancers has necessitated a deeper assessment of the tumor and its microenvironment at the genetic and phenotypic level. Data from recent clinical trials has unequivocally established that the tumor microenvironment significantly impacts the efficacy of immune-oncology drugs.

MedGenome partners with ZellNet Consulting to offer powerful genomics solutions in immune-oncology research - 04thJune2016

This arrangement seamlessly integrates MedGenome’s cancer immunotherapy genomics platform with ZellNet’s immune monitoring services. This partnership will facilitate present customers of ZellNet’s immune monitoring services to quickly expand their cancer immunotherapy research into the genomics space by leveraging the power of next-generation sequencing-based approaches of neo-antigen and neo-epitope prediction.

MedGenome announces free access to OncoPeptTOPE’TM, its proprietary database of neo-antigens and neo-epitopes - 29thApril2016

MedGenome study analyzing Wellderley data shows interesting trend on gene mutations associated with cardiac function - 12thApril2016

The study titled “Whole Genome Sequencing data from the Wellderley study identifies rare variants in genes associated with diabetes and cardiomyopathy” involved the analysis of publicly available whole genome sequence data (WGS) of 454 healthy elderly Caucasian individuals (median age 85 years) from the Wellderly study.

Sequencing 100,000 Asian genomes for tailor-made healthcare - 08thApril2016

Not too far in the future, you may be able to receive tailor-made medical treatment for your body, increasing your chances of survival and recovery from serious illnesses.

This is one of the aims of an initiative to sequence the genomes of 100,000 Asians over the next three to four years. The move will try to reduce the bias of modern medicine towards Western populations.

MedGenome to present on OncoMD, a genomics data analysis and interpretation platform, for cancer discovery research at the AACR Conference 2016 - 30thMarch2016

OncoMD Cancer Analytics Platform combines tumor mutation profiles, expression signatures, copy number variations, epigenetic alterations and drug sensitivity to create a holistic view of human cancer enabling discovery of new targets for therapy and prognosis.

MedGenome presented OncoPept – a point solution in cancer immunotherapy at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2016 - 14thMarch2016

MedGenome Acquires Lifecode Health Assets Lab in Bay Area - 24thFebruary2016

MedGenome acquires the assets of Lifecode Health and its 13,000 sq ft lab in Foster City, CA to expland its genomic services to biotech and pharma companies in the US.

MedGenome to discuss its proprietary cancer immunotherapeutics platform - 15thFebruary2016

GenomeAsia 100K Kicks Off Effort to Sequence 100,000 Asian Individuals - 12thFebruary2016

GenomeAsia 100K announced today a plan to sequence 100,000 individuals from populations throughout South, North, and East Asia, with the goal of creating phased reference genomes for all major Asian ethnic groups.

MedGenome Presents its Research Findings at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) 2016 - 02ndFebruary2016

SolveBio, MedGenome Ink Data Distribution Agreement - 29thApril2015

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Today, SolveBio, a provider of data infrastructure for genomics, announced a partnership with San Francisco, Calif.-based MedGenome to distribute MedGenome’s OncoMD proprietary cancer mutation knowledgebase through its platform.

Cartagenia Partners with MedGenome for Access to Cancer Variant Database - 22ndJanuary2015

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Genomic informatics firm Cartagenia today announced a partnership to integrate MedGenome’s OncoMD Cancer database of clinically actionable cancer variants into its Bench NGS software platform.

MedGenome Raises $4M Series A for India DNA Database - 04thJune2014

Medgenome Labs Private Ltd., a Bangalore-based startup that has been profitable since spinning out fTom an incubator program last year, has raised a first institutional Mnding round of $4 million to bring DNA sequencing and big-data analysis to India, the company said.

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