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The power of single cell sequencing

Generate insights at a cellular level

Cells are fundamental units of all living organisms. The advent of single cell DNA sequencing technologies has revolutionized our understanding of the various cell types associated with different tissues. Access to single-cell resolution has enabled significant insights into disease pathology including immune cell infiltration in several cancer types and its consequence on therapeutic outcomes. MedGenome is a 10X certified single cell sequencing service provider that offers end-to-end solutions for single cell analysis. We also developed a suite of bioinformatics tools for the analysis, interpretation and visualization of single cell sequencing data including the identification of heavy and light chain pairs following BCR and TCR sequencing.

Our optimized workflows support processing of fresh or frozen cell suspensions, isolated cells in 96 well plates, and methanol fixed cells.

Single cell sequencing services

Our comprehensive suite of single cell solutions has you covered

Gene expression
Gene expression
  • Explore cellular heterogeneity using 3' or 5' gene expression libraries for biomarker discovery and more.
Single cell immune profiling
Single cell immune profiling
  • Discover full length paired sequences for T and B cells repertoire analysis.
  • Simultaneously measure gene expression and immune repertoires combined with cell surface protein data to look at functional states and subsets of immune cells.
Multiome profiling
Multiome profiling
  • Combine gene expression with cell surface protein expression data for a multiomic view of your sample of interest.
  • Uncover gene regulatory programs by assaying the epigenome and gene expression simultaneously.

As an early adopter of single cell genomic sequencing, MedGenome supports your research needs from experimental design to data analysis, including selection of the appropriate single cell workflow. We have experience processing complex sample types that vary in quality and input quantity while ensuring fast turnaround times and data accuracy. Our analysis offerings include custom visualizations, bespoke workflows, external data integration and support for publication of data.

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Single cell sequencing analysis

Comprehensive data analysis and interactive visualization powered by MAnGO

Visualize your data through MAnGO (MedGenome Analytics for Genomics), our proprietary analysis platform. This single cell analysis platform uses state-of-the-art analysis and visualization tools. Each report contains a comprehensive summary of key analysis findings with interactive plots and tables. Our reports also allow users to visualize the analysis results including UMAP plots of cell clustering, differential gene expression, pathway enrichment, RNA velocity & lineage analysis, and cell-cell communication analysis.

Our bioinformatics services include:

  • Streamlined on-premise and cloud-native analysis workflows for fast & scalable single cell sequencing protocol & analysis.
  • Customized interactive analysis reports.
  • Publication-ready figures.
  • Data interpretation with support from MedGenome's team of PhD-level experts.

Reports customized to your needs

Comprehensive reports
Comprehensive reports
Advanced QC metrics
Advanced QC metrics
Digital gene expression and heatmap visualization
Digital gene expression and heatmap visualization
Interactive tSNE plots with cell type and cluster information
Interactive tSNE plots with cell type and cluster information

Single cell sequencing workflow

Workflow for sample processing and selection of single cell genomic sequencing applications at MedGenome

Fresh/cryopreserved samples with viable cells
Fresh/cryopreserved samples with viable cells
Fixed tissues/cells/nuclei including FFPE
Fixed tissues/cells/nuclei including FFPE

Service highlights

The MedGenome advantage

End-to-end solutions

for sample QC, viability assessment, single cell library preparation, sequencing and analysis.

Custom analytics

for your bioinformatics and data interpretation needs.

Expert team of biologists

available for consultation.


White papers and technical resources

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Single Cell Report Walkthrough
MedGenome's advanced bioinformatics solutions to analyze single cell sequencing data


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