Immune Profiling Solutions

Decode TCR and BCR repertoire

full-length sequencing of TCR and BCR

Identification of all clonotypes in a diverse repertoire of T-Cell receptors and B-Cell receptors

TCR and BCR profiling enables comprehensive mapping of the immune repertoire. It has a number of applications including understanding disease mechanisms, characterizing immunological responses, biomarker identification and development of immunotherapies. This is exemplified by the success of several immunotherapies in cancer treatment and the development of therapeutic antibodies.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies now enables accurate and unbiased profiling of TCRs and BCRs with relative ease. In combination with other assays, it can serve as prognostic and response markers. At MedGenome, we provide RNA based TCR and BCR repertoire profiling services for bulk and single cell analysis.

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Immune profiling services

Explore the immune repertoire across species

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  • SMARTer TCR α/β– Human, Mouse, rat and non-human primates.
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  • 10x Single cell TCR and BCR – Human, mouse and rat.
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  • MedGenome FFPE TCR Profiling - Human.
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  • SMARTer BCR IgG H/K/L – Human and Mouse.

Our analysis pipeline incorporates Takara’s Immuneprofiler and VDJ tools for bulk T-Cell and B-Cell receptor sequencing. For single cell, we use 10x Genomics cellranger and state-of-the-art published algorithms for characterizing the immune repertoire. In addition, comprehensive reports provide

  • Full-length Clonotype sequences and their frequencies.
  • Diversity scores for each sample.
  • V and J gene usage.
  • Paired heavy and light chain sequences (single cell sequencing).
  • Phylogenetic analysis of clonotypes of interest.

Service highlights

Solutions for cells, tissues and blood with varying inputs for quality and quantity.

Service highlights
  • Support with experimental design and selection of appropriate application.
Service highlights
  • Higher sensitivity in detecting low frequency TCRs/BCRs including samples with low input.
Service highlights
  • End-to-end solutions for extraction, sample QC, library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis.
Service highlights
  • Accurate representation of expressed TCRs/BCRs vs non-functional TCRs/BCRs with improved ability to call novel and low frequency clones.


White papers and technical resources

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TCR and BCR Report Walkthrough
QC report
QC report
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MedGenome's TCR repertoire profiling solutions


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