Highly Sensitive TARDIS Sniffs Out Cancer in Patient’s Blood - 08thAugust2019

A new type of blood test for breast cancer could help avoid thousands of unnecessary surgeries and otherwise precisely monitor disease progression, according to a study led by the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) and Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

Researchers identify gene mutation combo linked to endometrial cancer - 07thAugust2019

Michigan State University researchers, in collaboration with the Van Andel Institute, have identified a combination of two gene mutations that is linked to endometrial cancer.

Response to Gene-targeted Drugs Depends on Cancer Type - 02ndJuly2019

Cancers with the same genetic weaknesses respond differently to targeted drugs depending on the tumour type of the patient, new research reveals.

Ro Versus Musashi: How One Molecule Can Turn Cancer Cells Back to Normal - 19thJune2019

MSK researchers identified a new strategy for inhibiting RNA-binding proteins, which play a role in many cancers.

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