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T-cells are the core components of our adaptive immune system. Once activated, they can directly kill cells that are foreign (cytolytic T-cells) or perform helper function (helper T-cells) to activate B-cells to make antibodies against foreign antigen. The activation of T-cells involve recognition of MHC-peptide complex by the T-cell receptors (TCR). Humans carry >109 T-cells, each expressing a unique TCR. This highly diverse repertoire of T-cells has the ability to recognize peptides originating from foreign elements such as invading pathogens and cancer cells. Each TCR recognize peptides in complex with MHC proteins presented on the surface of antigen presenting cells. Productive T-cell activation results in the clonal expansion of a specific T-cell and this expansion can be accurately determined by TCR sequencing.

TCR profiling holds great potential not only for understanding the mechanisms of development of the normal immune response, but also in providing insights into disease mechanisms and development of new therapeutics and treatment modalities in infectious diseases, autoimmunity and in immuno-oncology. However identification of all potential clonotypes in a diverse repertoire of TCRs requires sensitive methods of detection. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have recently enabled accurate detection of TCRs, and in combination with other assays allow for the assessment of the TCR repertoire in patients- which in turn is a proxy for patient prognosis and response. At MedGenome, we provide TCR repertoire profiling using bulk input (from cells, RNA and FFPE tissue) using the SMARTer® TCR Profiling Kit (Takara Bio USA Inc) and single-cell inputs using the SMARTer single-cell TCR Profiling kit and the Chromium Immune Profiling solutions (10X Genomics). To learn more about the different applications and sample data generated using TCR Seq at MedGenome read the white paper..

Major Applications of TCR Repertoire Profiling

Figure 1. Overview of major applications of TCR Repertoire profiling in a) Therapeutics application: TCR Sequencing of lymphocytes to identify antigen specific TCRs to generate engineered T cells for adoptive cell therapy b) Diagnostics assay for clonality for auto immune disorders c) Treatment monitoring: to identify biomarkers of response.

Overview of MedGenome Offerings:

Name of offering Input type Amount of material neeeded Analysis method Information Obtained
SMARTer TCR Profiling Kit (Takara Bio USA) isolated cells or RNA 10 ng-3 μg/50-10,000 cells (Human, Mouse) MiXCR CDR3, V (D)J sequences α/β pairing(from SC Kit)
Single cell Immune profiling (10X Genomics) isolated cells Single-cells (Human, Mouse) Loupe browser CDR3, α/β pairing and clonotypes V(D)J sequences
Gamma delta TCR Profiling Isolated cells or RNA 10 ng-3 μg / 1000-10,000 cells MiXCR CDR3, V(D)J sequences
FFPE TCR Profiling RNA (DV200>20) > 10 ng total RNA MiXCR CDR3, V(D)J sequences

In addition to the TCR Seq services, MedGenome offers advanced informatics solutions for TCR binding based prediction of immunogenic neoepitopes for cancer vaccine development using OncoPeptVACTM

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