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TCR Research

TCR profiling holds great potential not only for understanding the mechanisms of development of the normal immune response, but also in providing insights into disease mechanisms and development of new therapeutics and treatment modalities in infectious diseases, autoimmunity and in immuno-oncology. However, identification of all potential clonotypes in a diverse repertoire of TCRs requires sensitive methods of detection. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have recently enabled accurate detection of TCRs, and in combination with other assays, allow for the assessment of the TCR repertoire in patients which in turn is a proxy for patient prognosis and response. At MedGenome, we provide RNA based TCR repertoire profiling services for bulk and single cell analysis.

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Solutions for cells, tissues and blood with varying inputs for quality and quantity

Antibody SolutionsBulk
Takara and MedGenome Solutions

  • SMARTer TCR α/β – Human and Mouse
  • MedGenome TCR γ/δ – Human and custom species

Single Cell GenomicsSingle Cell
Takara and 10X Solutions

  • SMARTer TCR α/β – Human
  • 10X Genomics TCR

Low input RNADegraded Input
MedGenome Solution

  • MedGenome FFPE TCR Profiling - Human

Service Highlights

  • Support with experimental design and selection of appropriate application dependent on analysis requirements, quantity and quality of input
  • Higher sensitivity in detecting low frequency TCRs including samples with low input
  • End-to-end solutions for extraction, sample QC, library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis
  • Accurate representation of expressed TCRs vs non-functional TCRs with improved ability to call novel and low frequency clones


BioFX TCR Repertoire Analysis

  • Streamlined pipeline for fast & scalable analysis
  • Customized reporting
  • Interactive reports
  • Publication-ready figures
  • Improve data interpretation with support from MedGenome's team of experts


Explore Analysis Reports

BioFX’s immune repertoire analysis platform was built using state-of-the-art analysis tools for T-cell and B-cell sequencing data. Analyze custom species including human, horse, rat, mouse and rhesus monkey. Accomplish multi-omic analysis by interrogating gene expression and VDJ sequencing data simultaneously.

Dendrograms to show
V & J gene usage
across samples

Shannon diversity index
plot across samples

Pairwise Frequency
Scatter Plots for TRA &
TRB Clonotypes displaying
unique and shared

Circos plots for V-J chain
usage per sample


Ordering and Data Delivery

MedGenome's customer portal allows for easy sample submission and sample tracking during lab processing. Data QC, raw data and interactive analysis reports are delivered securely through customer portal.


White Papers and Technical Resources

TCR sequencing solutions at MedGenome

In this whitepaper, we present MedGenome’s NGS based workflows for profiling of the TCR repertoire: a) Bulk TCR profiling using: SMARTer TCR α /β Profiling Kit (Takara Bio USA Inc) and modifications to the protocol for Gamma/Delta and FFPE TCR repertoire profiling, b) Single cell TCR Profiling using: 10X Genomics Chromium Immune Profiling solutions, c)Takara single-cell TCR sequencing kits. We also present an overview of the types of samples we have processed in-house and application.

TCR Repertoire Service for Alpha and Beta Chain Analysis

In this technical sheet, we present information on the workflows for TCR sequencing at MedGenome and sample types that we can process. We also present application data using SMARTer TCR α/β Profiling Kit and 10x Genomics chromium platform downstream of neoantigen vaccine screening platform developed at MedGenome : OncoPeptVAC.

TCR Repertoire Sequencing from FFPE samples

In this whitepaper, we present data generated using a modified protocol of the SMARTer TCR Profiling Kit, to perform TCR sequencing and analysis of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) from a FFPE tumor tissue block.

We accept sample both as RNA (100 ng minimum) or 5 μm unstained FFPE tumor tissue blocks.

TCR Sequencing QC Report

In this QC report, we show representative library QC and sequencing QC and mapping metrics that will be provided to the customer for SMARTer TCR Profiling and 10X V(D)J solutions.


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