Title: Identify therapeutic candidates and biomarkers using Immune profiling

Day:   22nd - 25th November, 2019

  • TCR a/b repertoire from human/mouse
  • TCR gamma/delta repertoire from human
  • TCR seq from FFPE tissues
  • TCR seq from non-human primates
  • BCR IgG/IgM repertoire from human
  • BCR IgG from non-human species
  • Tumor microenvironment analysis
  • Single cell gene expression solutions


Title: Multiple Platforms for Single Cell Genomics to Enable Biomarker Discovery in Immunotherapy


Single cell genomic approaches can provide valuable insights into the complexity and heterogeneity of the cell types in the context of a tissue or tumor. However, challenges with the preparation of single cell suspensions, good cell viability and efficiently capturing diverse cell types in a mix via appropriate cell capture methods can override the utility of the approaches. We provide validation and application data generated from a range of single cell input types (number of starting cells, viability, and research question) and diverse commercially available platforms (the 10x Genomics Chromium and the FACS based SMART-Seq (Takara Bio).

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