MedGenome at 61st ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition, 2019

Stop by MedGenome's booth number #2417 to learn more about our Immune profiling solutions for your research

Day:   07th - 10th December, 2019

  • TCR a/b repertoire from human/mouse
  • TCR gamma/delta repertoire from human
  • TCR seq from FFPE tissues
  • TCR seq from non-human primates
  • BCR IgG/IgM repertoire from human
  • BCR IgG from non-human species
  • Tumor microenvironment analysis
  • Single cell gene expression solutions

Visit us at the Booth #2417 to take a glimpse at our latest Poster on Single Cell Genomics

Poster Title: Multiple Platforms for Single Cell Genomics to Enable Biomarker Discovery in Immunotherapy

Abstract Overview: Single cell genomic approaches can provide valuable insights into the complexity and heterogeneity of the cell types in the context of a tissue or tumor. However, challenges with the preparation of single cell suspensions, good cell viability and efficiently capturing diverse cell types in a mix via appropriate cell capture methods can override the utility of the approaches. We provide validation and application data generated from a range of single cell input types (number of starting cells, viability, and research question) and diverse commercially available platforms (the 10x Genomics Chromium and the FACS based SMART-Seq (Takara Bio).

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