MedGenome at SLAS 2020 International Conference and Exhibition

Stop by poster 1354-E: Multiple Platforms for Single Cell Genomics to Enable Biomarker Discovery in Immunotherapy Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

  • Single cell genomic approaches can provide valuable insights into the complexity and heterogeneity of the cell types in the context of a tissue or tumor. However, challenges with the preparation of single cell suspensions, good cell viability and efficiently capturing diverse cell types in a mix via appropriate cell capture methods can override the utility of the approaches. With the aim to accommodate a wide range of cellular throughput and single cell genomics assays, at MedGenome, and we have validated and integrated multiple options for single cell library preparation workflows downstream of different cell capture platforms. We have generated proof-of-concept data to show the utility of the different platforms for successfully generating libraries from different workflows. We will present data on our platform agnostic approach to generating single cell gene expression libraries, starting with a range of single cell input types using the Chromium (10X Genomics), the plate-based SMART-Seq and the iCELL8 workflows (Takara Bio). Our results from the validation studies can help to determine the number of cells needed for an approach, and the number of cells and genes per cell recovered from the different approaches, and help researchers determine the single cell approach that will work for their research needs.
  • Recent studies have suggested that capturing additional information on cellular phenotypes or features can also provide valuable information on cell identities otherwise missed and additional heterogeneity, which in turn facilitate discovery of meaningful biomarkers and understanding of molecular mechanisms of development and disease. To enable for such discovery, we have validated several different feature barcoding solutions, and epigenomic analyses namely the CUT&TAG, and CITE-Seq approaches. We will present data demonstrating the utility of CUT&TAG in studying chromatin accessibility and as well as understanding epigenomic regulation and mechanisms of disease.
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