Novel Consensus Splice Site Pathogenic Variation in THOC2 Gene Leads to Recurrent Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Phenotype: A Case Report

Cureus, Vol. 13, Issue 11, Pages e19682, 2021

PMID: 34976470

The THOC2 gene encodes THO complex subunit 2, a subunit of the Transcription-Export (TREX) complex which binds specifically to splice messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNAs) to facilitate mRNA export. Mutations in the THOC2 gene have been described to lead to X-linked mental retardation syndrome type 12/35 (XLMR-12/35) (MIM#300957). Here, we describe for the first time a recurrent arthrogryposis multiplex congenita phenotype (AMC) in two male fetuses in a family.

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