Selected commensals educate the intestinal vascular and immune system for immunocompetence

Microbiome, Vol. 10, Issue 1, Pages 158, 2022

PMID: 36171625

The intestinal microbiota fundamentally guides the development of a normal intestinal physiology, the education, and functioning of the mucosal immune system. The Citrobacter rodentium-carrier model in germ-free (GF) mice is suitable to study the influence of selected microbes on an otherwise blunted immune response in the absence of intestinal commensals. Here, we describe that colonization of adult carrier mice with 14 selected commensal microbes (OMM12 + MC2) was sufficient to reestablish the host immune response to enteric pathogens; this conversion was facilitated by maturation and activation of the intestinal blood vessel system and the step- and timewise stimulation of innate and adaptive immunity.

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