Molecular Biology Services

Molecular DNA Cloning Services

The molecular cloning team of MedGenome offers customized plasmid cloning services, and provides the finished ready-to-use DNA constructs. Currently, our service cater to the following molecular cloning needs

Regular PCR-Insert Cloning

PCR Amplification of specific DNA fragments from genomic DNA / cDNA libraries and cloning into a standard vector or into the preferred vector of customer.

DNA sub-cloning

Restriction digestion of DNA inserts and sub-clone into specific vectors of interest, viz. for in vivo protein expression, for construction of hybrid genes, etc.

Site-directed Mutagenesis

Design and synthesis of mutagenic primers, mutagenesis reaction setup and Sanger sequencing to confirm desired DNA mutations.

Multi-DNA fragments Assembly and Cloning

Design of modular DNA fragments and construction of combinatorial gene variants using DNA assembly techniques.

Cloning in E. coli expression vectors

Customers can choose from the varied promoter types and fusion tags; and get their target genes cloned into these engineered vectors (refer the schematic representation image). These clones are ideal for protein over-expression studies in E. coli.

Cloning of CRISPR-gRNA constructs and HR donor vectors

Design of gRNAs, synthesis and cloning into any preferred vector of the customer. Design and clone the homology arms into donor plasmid for the knock-out, knock-in, and other CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing modifications.

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