NGS Services

Genome Assembly and Annotation Analysis

The recent development of methods for elucidating the genomes of organisms has revolutionized biomedical research. In the last two decades, the genomes of tens of thousands of bacteria and viruses, thousands of individual humans, and hundreds to thousands of other organisms have been reconstructed with improving quality and completeness. At MedGenome, we have leveraged our vast experience in genomics technologies and developed a comprehensive, customizable pipeline for whole genome assembly and annotation solution to meet your budget needs while maintaining a very high-quality standard.

Highlights of our services are:

  • Support with experimental design and selection of appropriate genome assembly workflow (dependent on organism type, ploidy and material availability/quality)
  • High molecular weight DNA extraction (blood, flash frozen tissue)
  • End to end solution in library preparation, sequencing, genome assembly and genome annotation
  • Advanced bioinformatics analyses, data interpretation and data curation services

Overview of Services

Hi-C sequencing, Oxford nanopore sequencing

10x genomics for Genome Assembly

  • High Molecular weight DNA extraction
  • Library prep & sequencing (~56 - 60 X coverage)
  • Generate assembly using 10x Supernova
  • Assembly QC

Genome Annotation

Genome annotation, Genome scaffolding

Functional Annotation

Genome annotation, Denovo genome assembly
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