Immuno-Oncology Research and Biomarker Discovery

Cancer immunotherapy is now an established therapeutic modality in Cancer. At MedGenome, we offer solutions for tumor microenvironment analyses, and TCR repertoire analysis, enabling novel drug target discovery, patient selection for clinical trials, and identification of biomarkers for immune responsiveness of the tumor microenvironment.

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Next Generation Sequencing and Data Analysis

MedGenome offers end-to-end solutions for next-generation sequencing based assays for a wide range of sample types (such as DNA, RNA, PBMCs, purified CD4 and CD8+ T-cells, splenocytes, TILs, T-cell lines and B-cells). We have extensive experience working with low quality / low quantity samples such as from FFPE tissues and can generate good-quality data and support basic and advanced data analysis. In addition to generating high quality data, we also support our customers with advanced and publication-ready data analysis outputs such as gene expression/differential gene expression analysis, clonotypes and V(D)J sequence comparison heatmaps for TCR and BCR, as well as cell type identification and gene signature building from single cell genomics data.

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Large Scale Genetic Studies in South Asia

Most studies that research the interplay between disease and genes have focused on European populations. The reference genomes created through various sequencing studies – which form the foundation of genetic interpretation and insights provided to patients and consumers - have also focused on such populations, making them less useful for Asian populations. MedGenome has led the adoption of genetic diagnostics and research in India and South Asia in the past few years, which enables us to leverage the genetic richness embedded in South Asia’s population isolates for discovery. With high-throughput data generation and analysis capabilities at scale, MedGenome wants to partner with bio-pharma on large-scale research projects to advance personalized medicine for complex human diseases.

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Partner With Us

MedGenome is a global leader in personalized medicine with unique genomic solutions in immuno-oncology, diabetes, ophthalmology and rare diseases. It has a high-throughput NGS facility in Foster City, California, supporting research projects for bio-pharma and academic institutions in the US, Canada and Europe.

With expertise in sample & library preparation for various assays including whole exome, whole genome, total/small transcriptome, single cell gene expression, TCR, CITE-seq, ATAC and CUT&TAG, MedGenome is able to partner with clients on biomarker identification and target discovery projects. Our advanced genomic data analysis capabilities and insights into South-Asian specific variants make us a preferred partner for bio-pharma clients.

Our genomics team is also able to partner with manufacturers to incorporate genetic insights into their assay development.

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